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    Handy Break

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    Handy Break 1.0.4

    Handy Break notifies you to take regular breaks from working in front of your computer. Studies have shown that taking a few minutes break every hour may prevent symptoms like visual fatigue, headaches, back pain, or even musculo-skeletal injuries. It sits just one click away in your menu bar, reminding you about taking these breaks, and allowing you to manage the amount of time you spend in front of your computer. Features - Customizable work and break time - Customizable margin time (allows you to postpone break if you have to finish something important) - A 'disable ending the break early' option - Launch at startup option - Elegant, easy-to-use design - Fast and lightweight

    New! version VEVPJ_HANDY_BREAK_1.0.3.ZIP [6539 kbytes]
    to iMac Handy_Break_vers.1.3.4_Arn2W.app [7047 kbytes]
    on Mac Pro Handy.Break.ver..1.0.7.t5e.zip [7364 kbytes]

    Nice Apps

    Featured MacOS V.1.1_REX_VERBI_6TTL.ZIP (99742 kbytes) 1.4
    Version to 10.13 ZRHR0_TUBECAST_VERS_1.9.DMG (5860 kbytes) 1.4

    {6666 kb} App HANDY BREAK VER. 3.0.4 FNUQO 1.0.5 Best! version
    {6475 kb} veBy Handy Break ver 2.0.4 1.0.1 Version on 10.12.4
    {7428 kb} Download n6z Handy Break 1.0.7 1.1.4 New! version
    {7237 kb} Free Spenvw v.1.0.6 Handy Break 1.1.4 Updated iMac
    {5714 kb} Software Handy Break v 1.0.7 Ky0 1.0.1 Recomended for MacOS
    {6349 kb} ver 2.0.4 Handy Break Vevu 1.0.1 to High Sierra

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